Remembering Christmas — And Other Books by Dan Walsh

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Over the past few years, I’ve reviewed two books by Christian novelist Dan Walsh, and this year I received two more

Just in time for the holidays comes Remembering Christmas. Rick, a young CPA on the fast track for corporate success, is summoned to coastal Florida to take over running a tiny Christian bookstore after his step-father collapses from a stroke.  For someone who is embittered against both faith and family, and who just wants to get back to his own career, this is quite a feat.  Add in a schizophrenic homeless man, his imaginary friend, a pretty sales clerk and her young daughter, and you’ve got quite a quirky yet inspiring tale.  I particularly enjoyed this book, and the 1980’s pop culture references are especially fun to recall.  Wrap it up for someone who needs to touch of grace this Christmas!

Inspired by real life events, The Deepest Waters chronicles the tale of a young couple on a honeymoon voyage in 1857.  Their ship sinks, and Laura is rescued by a passing ship. Now she must carry on the journey alone, relying on God and the help of strangers, to meet her new husband’s family and bear the tragic news.  This book definitely kept me turning the pages!  

The Unfinished Gift is a heartwarming tale of a young boy named Patrick during World War II.  His mother has died in a car accident while his father is off at war, so Patrick is sent to live with a grandfather he never knew — a grandfather who doesn’t know how to nurture or celebrate.  Fortunately, he finds a guardian angel in his social worker, Miss Townsend.
The Homecoming is its soul satisfying sequel as Patrick and his father Shawn attempt to rebuild their lives.  

Walsh’s books are published by Revell, a division of Baker Book House, and I understand that he is collaborating on a new fiction series with Gary Smalley.  Check them out at

Virginia Knowles


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