Global Hunger Relief

“Hunger in Africa”

Dear friends,

The theme of the P52 photo project this week is Hunger.  What better time to highlight global hunger relief?

I chose the continent of Africa for my picture because that is where my mind usually jumps when I think of starving children.  I have no idea of whether black beans and rice are staple foods there, but I didn’t have any exotic African root vegetables lurking in my pantry cupboard. 🙂

I also chose Africa because that is where my heart goes  (along with my money and care packages) since I have been corresponding with Pastor Headson Makazinga in Malawi for about 10 years.  (See Christmas in Malawi, Christmas in America What in the World Is This? and Out of Africa: A Letter from Headson Makazinga.)  Pastor Makazinga, who oversees dozens of churches in the villages of Malawi and Mozambique, cares for widows and orphans in his ministry.  Please click those links for more information on how you can help!

Are you looking for other ways to help?

Read here for information on three reputable Christian charities with global hunger programs (all three are rated 5 stars at

Do you want hands on service opportunities?  Here are two more ideas from the same organizations:

I am extremely intrigued to find out that Children of the Nations has opportunities in the Orlando area (as well as in California and Washington State) for groups to sponsor and package nutrient dense meals to be sent to hungry children overseas.  See here: Meal Packaging Projects.

Last year, the youth at my mom’s church in Maryland did a 30 Hour Famine to raise money for hunger relief through World Vision.

Yes, I know there is hunger in our country, too.  I am in the process of compiling a list of food and medical assistance resources in the Orlando area.  That will be my next blog post!  I already know of several organizations, but if you know of one, please send me a web link.  (Note on 3/23: The post is here! Food, Health, Jobs, and Family Crisis Assistance Resources in Central Florida)

Virginia Knowles

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4 Responses to Global Hunger Relief

  1. Mrs. T. says:

    Great post for this week's project!

  2. nics cahill says:

    Super post – and very relevant.

  3. I thought of the less fortunate when I read the theme hunger also. It was creative to take a pic of a map of Africa.

  4. ...melody... says:

    I like your interpretation and message on this post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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