Gone South by Meg Moseley (A Review)

One of the sweet perks of being a blogger is that I receive great books to review!  When author Meg Moseley offered me an advance copy of her second novel, Gone South, I jumped at the chance.  I loved her first book, When Sparrows Fall, about a widowed home schooling mother of six emerging from years of spiritual abuse in her family and church.  Meg’s new novel, quite different in subject matter and certainly a lighter read, is definitely a book to pack for a lazy day on the beach.

The book cover is amazing.  So is her likable character, 35 year old Tish McComb, who, on a whim, moves from Michigan to Alabama and buys the Civil War era home once owned by her ancestors.  Unfortunately, unbeknownst to her, said ancestors have a nasty and still well-known reputation as carpetbaggers.  Nobody except for the antique store owner is willing to give her a chance. 

One thing I love about Tish is that her frosty “welcome” in town doesn’t prevent her from taking in a very troubled homeless local girl who has been rejected by her family, even though it only makes everyone even more suspicious of her.

Meg Moseley

Meg Moseley weaves a tale of redemption without being preachy or trite.  It’s all about overcoming prejudice, grief, family dysfunction,  and whatever other else life throws at you.  (As someone who lives with Attention Deficit Disorder, I especially appreciate her sensitivity to those with learning disabilities.) This book is about finding authentic friendships, living a full life, and confidently doing what you know is right no matter what others think.  Throw in a stubborn little dog, a vintage black dress and a few fast cars, and I’d call this a winning story.  Keep them coming, Meg!

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Update in February 2014: Review of Meg Moseley’s newest book, A Stillness of Chimes.

Virginia Knowles


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2 Responses to Gone South by Meg Moseley (A Review)

  1. Mona Hodgson says:

    Great review, Virginia! I loved Meg's When Sparrows Fall, and I can't wait to read this one. Blessings! Mona

  2. Kasey Norton says:

    Thanks for introducing me to a new author!!!

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