Mother’s Day Picnic in the Park (Weekend Gratitude)

Mother’s Day celebration 
for all 18 of us?
Sure, piece of cake!
And mango key lime pie!

A picnic in the park!

We picked a park on the 
way home from church
and near my oldest daughter’s house.
I got there earliest to set up 
the purple tableware.


My present to my
country-loving daughter
for her 25th birthday
last month —
full of raspberry
cran-grape lemonade.

Fresh strawberries
and blackberries

Brother and sister
decorating the cake…

Croissant sandwiches,
potato salad, veggie chips,
fresh fruit, drinks, desserts –
we all pitched in potluck style.
My two pregnant daughters,
belly to belly.
The baby boy on the right
is due… TODAY!

Soon to be welcomed
by a loving Mommy and Daddy!

My mother’s day presents
for these younger mommies…
Why yes, I did give her sister
the exact same t-shirt.
They are each the
My oldest daughter gave me
a bag of presents
from Ten Thousand Villages,
a store which imports
crafts made by
Third World artisans
in support of their families
and communities.

The red Twist of Fate necklace
 is from Guatemala:
Creaciones Chonita,
an artisan group established
by a woman who lost
her husband in civil war violence,
as a way to support
herself and her children.”
(Click the link, read the story.)
The butterfly pin
is made from paper!

My youngest daughter’s
handmade presents!  So sweet!
Some of the other kids gave me
gift cards to Starbucks!
One of my college
daughters and I
My oldest grandson
and my youngest son

My youngest grandson,
his long hair up in a bun
— swinging around with
a cookie and chips in his hands!

My barefoot son
up in a huge tree

They are 19 and 8 now,
but many years ago,
the older one climbed
our backyard magnolia tree
with the younger one tucked
into a backpack with
holes cut out in the bottom
for her legs to fit through.
And she painted her green
from head to toe.
It’s a miracle I still have my sanity.

A sweet end to a lovely day…

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I am a mother and grandmother of a huge family, and I still home school my youngest daughter. I write to stay sane. My WordPress blog is a combination of my Blogspot blogs, and may not be continually updated.
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