More from 31 Days of Autumn Grace

Dear friends,

This month, I’m still doing almost all of my writing over on my This Mom Grows Up! blog for the 31 Days of Autumn Grace series.  I already gave you the links for the first 10 posts there, but here are 13 more!

Oh, and I put my Autumn & Thanksgiving page back on this blog!

#11: Dark Night of the Soul When the lights go out – spiritually or otherwise

#12: Fall Fun for the Family and Appalachian Melody Lots of links and a bit of lovely autumn music from the late Mark Heard

#13: Simple Strawberry Smoothie (No Dairy, No Added Sugar) Yummy delicious recipe, and an update on “I don’t eat sugar!”

#14: Lovely as a Tree and “Ombra Mai Fu” Aria A poem, an opera aria, and a collection of my favorite tree photos for your enjoyment

#15: Reviving My Fall Flowers I’m not exactly a green thumb, but I’m trying to keep my autumn garden growing pretty.

#16: Decorating Your Desktops for Fall Make your computer desk top and your regular desk top look great for autumn!

#17: Beauty and Justice for All (My Small Adventures) A trip to beautiful Park Avenue – and then a visit with my homeless friends. Where do aesthetics and ethics meet, globally and locally?

#18: A Little Scattered Gratitude Art show with my son’s student entry, lots of blog visitors interested in Mark Driscoll, and a kind CPAP technician

#19: Hope and GloryA little encouragement for enduring when the way is hard

#20: “Accept My Full Heart’s Thanks” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox A classic poem of gratitude

#21: Oh, the Stories We’ll Tell! My favorite part always? Listening to stories and telling them, too.

#22: My Glorious Dish Towel (Repost from 2007) A favorite essay from my archives – and I’m still sentimental about dish towels!

#23: Fall in the 50 States (and Other Lovely Links) Love, love, love these photos! And check out the other links for the day, too!


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I am a mother and grandmother of a huge family, and I still home school my youngest daughter. I write to stay sane. My WordPress blog is a combination of my Blogspot blogs, and may not be continually updated.
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