Tampa Through My Lens #2: Solo Wanderings

Dear friends,

Welcome to part 2 of 4 from my Tampa Through My Lens series as I accompanied my 13 year old daughter to All State Chorus.

During Naomi’s Friday morning rehearsal, I caught up on reading (mainly on my laptop Kindle app), but I had quite a different agenda for the afternoon rehearsal hours: wander around downtown Tampa all by myself. I loved every minute of it. There is just something about adventuring at whim!

First I walked several blocks back to the van to drop off my rolling cart. I didn’t want to lug my computer and books around. Then I headed over to the Tampa Museum of Art just down the street, stopping to take pictures of whatever caught my fancy along the way. Flowers. Glass panels (see top photo). Mirrored walls.

Here we are! I had been checking out the web site for a while and knew that the admission had been reduced to $5. I decided to go to see if it was worth bringing Naomi and her friend and friend’s mother back in the evening.

Photography is not allowed on the second floor of the museum, so I was limited to taking pictures of the pebble floor inset and an ancient sculpture.

I have to say I was disappointed with the museum as only three smallish galleries were open. The classical antiquities room was somewhat interesting, and I liked a few art pieces in the Land and Sea exhibit (so gratifying to recognize Grant Wood’s style when I saw one sketch), but not much else caught my eye. I find that I really don’t prefer abstract art, so the modernist art exhibit did nothing for me. They had just removed an Impressionist exhibit, which I know I would have enjoyed. I decided not to come back in the evening.

Outside the museum, I enjoyed some of God’s creativity. He makes masterpieces every moment!

Then, I turned around, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts! I was immediately drawn in to this impressive building.

The architecture is stunning, don’t you think? I took these photos from the inside, some from the second floor, some from the first. The huge round windows held my gaze.

This museum filled me up. I wish I could show you some of the photography.  As with the art museum, there were really only three exhibits, but these… Oh my. I’ve told you I like realism and architecture and nature. I was in for a treat. Ezra Stoller (1915-2004) photographed mid-century modern architecture. I immediately recognized photos of Frank Lloyd Wright designs. Even his photos of office buildings were stunning, and I got a kick out of seeing vintage cars from the 1940s. Then, one floor up, I explored Elger Esser’s Combray exhibit. This contemporary German artist specializes in heliograveure photography of rural French landscape and vintage buildings. He prints the photos in black and white on huge sheets of unframed hand-crafted paper. Both of these exhibits were inspiring for me as an aspiring, though amateur, photographer!

Though I had already been taking pictures of buildings in Tampa, I decided to try my hand at more.

I looked out an upper floor window to the outside of the building and saw this unusual roof made of glass with flowing water.

Then I found the same roof (now ceiling) from below.

This is the adjacent building shot upwards through the water ceiling.

And this is from the connecting building, looking back outside at a fountain in this same glass-water-ceiling installation. I always like to get a variety of perspectives.

This is the Rivergate Tower, which is connected to the building with the photography museum. I just love the curve of brown and pattern of windows against the blue sky.

Inside the lobby, splashes of red and sunlight. So classy.

After all that visual feasting, I had a more practical job to do. I needed to walk several blocks to the convention center to pick up tickets to the concert and an All State t-shirt. On the way, I met this street evangelist, who introduced himself as Evan. He was very pleasant, holding his sign, smiling a lot, enjoying Christian music, and not preaching out loud.

Then, back to the rehearsal hotel! I couldn’t help but notice more building, more reflections, even in the car windows.

I cannot even imagine the planning and work that went into constructing these amazing skyscrapers. I admit I am a bit awestruck with the architecture I’ve seen.

I had a delightful day of solo wanderings. Stay tuned for part 3 (an evening with friends) and part 4 (concert day)!

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